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Rick & Andrea's Haunted Majesties of Scotland
Jul 11, 4:00 AM – Jul 19, 7:00 AM
Scotland, UK


Scotland is historically stunning and picturesque! Few destinations rival Scotland’s majesties of castles, mansions, ruins, underground passages, and ancient estates, all associated with a chilling history. 

We’re excited to offer this incredible journey, revealing the breath-taking Majesties of Scotland, brought forth by one of the most celebrated paranormal influencers in the industry, Rick McCallum and Andrea Perron. Rick considers Scotland his second home, and will bring in his discoveries of wonders, reflections, and experiences that deems this ancient land as one of the most incredible in the world! Andrea brings in her quest to connect the abundant spirituality exclusive to Scotland while connecting it to the Galactica wonders of this ancient land!

With much research and precision, we have crafted an itinerary, selecting the most impressive destinations to explore … considered by most the most supernaturally ignited.  

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