Brian J. Cano's Mystical Legends of Wales
Jul 22, 4:00 AM – Jul 30, 7:00 AM
Wales, UK


We are excited to offer this incredible journey, revealing the hidden secrets of Wales’ legends, brought forth by one of the most celebrated paranormal influencers in the industry, Brian J. Cano. The trip will also engage one of Wales's most dedicated group of Paranormal Investigators, Paranormal Wales UK.  In addition, Dark Wales Tours will also be part of our adventure!  This one, folks, is packed full with the supernatural!

Wales is spectacular! Few rival Wales’ treasures of legends, mysteries, and profound history, whose (very existence) is vulnerable to the passage of time. Wales has done well sheltering its centuries-old past, preserving the highest concentration of castles, per square mile, in the world! These (over) 600 ancient Welsh majesties are just a small sample of its proud heritage.  Joining them are stately manor mansions, magnificent abbeys, small historic inns, and ancient ruins, speckled across ancient and breath-taking landscapes. 

To see the trail of stops, see OUR INTERACTIVE MAP.