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May 24, 2022, 3:00 AM – Jun 01, 2022, 1:00 PM
Transylvania, Romania


Mysterious Adventures Tours is proud to offer you a tour of the spectral battlefields of the Civil War. On this 4-day/3-night journey, experience the spectral energies left behind in the hallowed battlegrounds of Gettysburg, Wilderness, and Antietam.

During the chronicled time of the Civil War, devastating battles were fought in multiple fields, scarring the lives and communities that were loyal to the honor of their beliefs and the courage of their souls. Many of these lives were lost with their blood penetrating the soil which heard their last breath. Their passion, honor, and integrity now live forever in these battlefields, many remain wandering as lost souls. 

The Civil War is still by far the bloodiest war in America’s history. An estimated 620,000 Americans lost their lives. Tragically, this was 2% of the population. It should be of no surprise that so many ghostly legends have their origins in that conflict. Our ambassador will escort you on the entire trip. As a researcher and author, her stories will move you. As a physical medium, her communication to the dead may reveal historical markers left behind during this devastating part of American History

To see the trail of stops, see OUR INTERACTIVE MAP.

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