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Ireland is historically spectacular and picturesque! Join us here where we will celebrate the Celtic New Year with the spirits of Halloween.

When light turns to dark and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thins, the creatures of Samhain, Ireland’s ancient Halloween tradition, come to life. One of the highlights of the trip is taking part in the famous Púca Festival. Roaming the darkness like a shadowy specter, the shape-shifting spirit of Púca comes alive! Changing the fortunes of all who cross her path as she transforms the night into a colorful playground of hallowed celebration.

The Daughters of Hecate (Michelle Reuss and Kathrine Sorilos), two incredibly gifted mediums, will take you through a menagerie of Halloween celebrations that includes the famous Púca Samhain Festival, 10 castles, and some of the most ignited Irish properties filled with the remnants of witches, phantoms and magical creatures. 

With much research and precision, we have crafted an itinerary, selecting the most impressive destinations to explore … considered by most the most supernaturally ignited.

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