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A Galactica Adventure

Save the Date: April 27 - May 5, 2023

In the Galaxies of England and Ireland

Let us take you to a place in a galaxy far, far away for a full star Wars experience where it was imagined, created, and introduced to the world in 1977 by director George Lucas. It is the perfect moment, celebrated during International Star Wars Day (May 4th. It is a time of peace in the galaxy, where travelers are drawn to a pilgrimage that is filled with Galactica wonder. 

This tour will immerse you into a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the stunning landscapes in Great Britain and Ireland that brought the world’s favorite intergalactic saga to life. Tap into the force with Ghost Stop's very own Shawn Porter as he gently escorts you to a place you could not even imagine. 

Along the way, we will explore some of the most spectral places, haunted by their past energies and enigmatic power!

Be ready for the most Phantasmic Supernatural Experience!

When the Star Wars production team needed surreal beauty capable of transporting viewers to a galaxy far, far away England and Ireland were the natural choices to create this fantastical world. Come see the sites that Lucas made famous throughout Great Britain in the masterpiece saga about the light and dark sides of the force. Peer into its history, its filming location, its wonder. 

Join Shawn Porter, sharing his passion for one of the greatest stories told in the science fiction cinematic world.


Lets Us Tell You When This Tour Goes Live!

This tour will be published and available to be booked on May 25, 2023, celebrating the 46th Anniversary of the Film's original premiere!

By signing up, you will be notified a day earlier than the public (May 24th) so you will have first dibs on this limited small-group experience.  

In addition, upon booking, you will get a special token gift from Shawn Porter, himself!