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Dave Schrader's Dark Majesties Ireland
Jun 17, 3:00 AM EDT – Jun 25, 1:00 PM EDT


Ireland's Supernatural Intensity has never been unearthed as Dave Schrader's incredible talent will attempt to do in June 2022.

Witness applied skills, expertise, and years of experience reveal the secrets that Ireland holds within souls. He is followed by thousands of fans around the globe, often taken then on adventures that are explored with his keen intuition on unraveling the unknown, the mysterious. As a popular and sought-after public speaker on all aspects of the Paranormal, he will surely make this Celtic journey one never to be forgotten. 

This trip will offer an incredible supernatural experience. The itinerary will bring us to the most spectral places in Ireland's East, Midland, and South. Get ready to explore 11 haunted castles, 3 paranormal investigations, and one incredible prison on Cork's Spike Island (known as Ireland's Alcatraz!)  

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