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Andrea Perron's Conjuring Up England's Supernatural Phenomena
Aug 08, 4:00 AM EDT – Aug 16, 7:00 AM EDT
England, UK


This voyage will explore British Supernatural phenomena, including UFO Experiences and the Haunted Impressions that remain here. 

England is historically spectacular and magnificent! Few destinations rival England’s supernatural phenomena of castles, ruins, UFO remnants, passageways, mansions, sacred spaces, abbeys, and crop circles speckled within its ancient lands. All associated with their unique chilling history, legends, and experiences. 

We’re excited to offer this incredible journey, revealing the breath-taking England, but in a format that has never been done before! Only one person could ever deliver this blended otherworldly encounter!  Andrea Perron, one of the most celebrated paranormal influencers in the industry, will accompany us with all her talents, wonders, reflections, and experiences. With much research and precision, we have crafted an itinerary, selecting the most impressive destinations to explore … considered by most the most supernaturally ignited both in the realm of the haunted and Ufology. 

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