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Mike Ricksecker's Ancient Mysteries of Ireland
Jul 01, 4:00 AM – Jul 09, 9:00 AM


Ireland's Ancient History has never been explored as Mike Ricksecker's incredible talent will do in July of 2022.

Join him on this incredible adventure, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It has been Mike Ricksecker's dream to go on a spectral adventure to some of the most supernatural places in Ireland. Be part of this incredible journey to experience the most ancient soil and remnants of Irish History. Engage with Mike's stellar respected and documented experience, expertise, and passion. Follow him as he explores a personally crafted itinerary that blends significant primordial and mysterious places in Ireland. Realize this dream with Mike Ricksecker!

This trip will offer an incredible supernatural experience. The itinerary will bring us to the most spectral places in Ireland's Midland, and South. Get ready to explore 8 haunted castles, 2 Megalithic Sites,  and 3 paranormal investigations (including the chilling prison on Cork's Spike Island, known as Ireland's Alcatraz!)  

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